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Can You Make Money With DS Domination?

How do you make money with DS Domination?

Making money online is hard enough and with so many scams or scammers looking for their next victim to scam makes my stomach turn. I know that many of us are intelligent enough to know when we do our ‘smell test’ we can generally walk away from those so-called life changing offers by the so-called online gurus, but even the strongest online marketers can get sucked into a great sales page or a landing page 😉 So why am I writing this next blog post for you?  I guess it’s late at night again and I like to fight for the people that are seriously just trying to make their first dollar online… As somebody who is a online marketer like yourself, I want to share with you my experiences and my frustrations with you. I want you know that even though I’ve made money online and I continue to make money online, I still struggle like you on what to believe out there. My philosophy is simple… “Help enough people get what they want and ultimately I’ll get what I want.”(zig ziglar… a little modified)

So… let me answer the question that I posted on the title of this blog.  “Can you make money with DS Domination”? The short answer is ‘YES’! Long answer is, ‘YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY MAKE MONEY WITH DS DOMINATION’ (sorry for the horrible humor…)  But seriously, let me tell you why I believe you can make money online using the training by DSD.  If this isn’t your first rodeo, then I going to assume that you have tried many different online programs or direct marketing opportunities out there. The one thing that is common about all of them is that they ask you for a huge investment upfront to start the business/opportunity.  Once you join these types of companies, they’ll ask you to ‘Invest’ more of your hard earn money before you can even see your first dollar! C’mon!!! that has to be so frustrating… Even as I write that for you, I get really frustrated…  That is why I am personally endorsing DS Domination and my group DS Domination Network.  Why is this so different from so many other online opportunities out there… Well.. . this is the first opportunity I’ve seen where you can get the basic training called DS Domination Pro product which is $19.95 and actually make money without ever recruiting ANYBODY!!!  You heard right! You don’t need to recruit anybody to make your first dollar online.  If you don’t know what the training is about, please read my DS Domination Review to find out the details… In short, it’s a program that teaches anybody that wants to work from home to run a Drop Shipping business using or leveraging eBay or Amazon. I won’t go to much in details because you can click on any of my other post on this site and get more details around the drop shipping opportunity. I want to spend the time really sharing with you why I believe DSD currently has a 80% of people in DS Domination are making money. In fact to be more specific, 98% of ‘my’ team members in DS Domination Network are making money because of my personal training and support I provide for them.

Let me give you an idea of how you’ll be making money with DS Domination Network.  You’ll get your basic drop shipping training to do business with ebay and amazon by getting the “Pro” product.  Once you make couple hundred dollars within a week or two (yes you heard me right! I didn’t say you’ll be making millions right away!), you can then take your ‘profits’ (OMG Max did you say ‘profits’) to reinvest in learning more if that is something you desire to do.  If you don’t, then you can make good income with just the basic training with DSD Domination. I will tell you that most members of DSD ends up upgrading because they quickly get on the profitable side of the business and they want to scale up to make more money with this opportunity.  Some people ask, “Should I just get all the products like ‘Elite’, ‘Unleashed’ or the ‘Monopoly’ training that DSD sells from the beginning?”.  I tell them this all the time, “Make your first dollar and make sure that this opportunity is right for you before you invest any more money.” I am a firm believer in being profitable before ‘jumping head first’ with all the products.  Now you might ask, “ isn’t DS Domination a MLM or a direct marketing company?”. Yes and No… Yes in the fact that it does have an affiliate program to those who “LIKE” to recruit (see how I said ‘like’), No in the fact that it doesn’t have the traditional structure of an typical MLM programs where you need to bring in people to actually make money or qualify to make money! In fact, if you run into other opportunities where they say, you can’t make any money with the company without first recruiting… I would run far away from those companies in a hurry!

So let’s conclude here… I want to make sure that I answer the question that I posted in the title, which is ‘Can you make money with DS Domination?’.  You know my short and long answer 😉 which is YES and YESSSSSS! (thank you for chuckling at my humor)

If you read this post thus far, let me share with you a little about my group DS Domination Network. I’ve built this group to provide strong support in your Drop Shipping ventures with ebay and amazon. I believe that the best way to help my people is to provide great feedback and support in their DSD business. What does that support mean?  Well… I’ll give you my personal email address as well as my skype ID to contact me anytime you have questions. I provide resources that only our group provides like exclusive connections only found in our group.  We give a ‘quick start-up guide’ that will get your Drop Shipping business up and running faster than just doing the basic DSD pro training. But don’t take my word for it… if you haven’t done your research yet, type in ‘ds domination’ or ‘ds domination review’ or ‘Best DS Domination Team’ or anything that has ‘DS Domination’ into google and see what comes up. There are many groups out there that are providing things when you join their group. You have to find the group that fits your personality while providing great support that you deserve. I might be a little bias, but I think I have the best DS domination group 😉  Seriously… please do research and find the best team and support to help grow your online ventures no matter who or what it may be. After you do your research and you have other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]  anytime!

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