DS Domination update

DS Domination Company Update

DS Domination update

DS Domination update for DS Domination Network members. I wanted to write this quick blog to update you on some of the updates that DS Domination corporate is sharing out there. If you’re a faithful follower of our team DS Domination Network, I hope you enjoy this quick updates below:

  • DS Domination Genesis product will go from $997 to $1487 on July 17th 2014! What does this mean for you? To the affiliates, it means that you will want to get this asap if you haven’t already so that you can be grandfathered in for the lower price. As you know, you can not sell a product and get commissions on them unless you have the product in your back office. If you are a current member of DSD with a pro, elite, unleashed or monopoly… this is the best time to get the DS Domination Genesis product if you have been on the fence before the price goes up. If you have been following DS Domination through webinars or affiliates, you’ll know that the company has been putting a HUGE focus on making sure these products are successful. So if you are slightly interested in DS Domination at all, I highly recommend you research more about them an come join us J
  • DS Domination App will be rolling out very soon this month. This App will be an amazing app since you’ll be able to scan items to see if there are profit to be made on doing drop shipping.
  • DSD Insights has rolled out and inside your back office system. This is there way of helping members manage your items on ebay that you are drop shipping. The DS Domination Insight will connect with your eBay account to update any changes in price and find trends in what you are selling!
  • DS Domination Sales Spy is currently launch but is being updated to make sure it runs smoothly for the Genesis product owners. Without going into a huge detail, you’ll know that this software will help grow your DS Domination Genesis product to the next level!
  • There is a Special webinar for DS Domination Genesis members only on July 17th 2014. They are releasing more information and better strategies to help grow your business exponentially!. They’ll be talking about DS Domination warehouse as well as Freight discounts etc… Don’t miss this if you are a Genesis member!

If you are a part of my team already, then you know how excited I am in our private facebook page about my new product I found to sell! The margin I’ve found and am sharing with my team members are off the charts! I got a product for $0.50 and now selling on Amazon for $19.97! I hope you guys are taking advantage of the product like me and go kill it out there! DS Domination Network has been so much fun working with all of you and making a difference in all of our lives! I hope you all had a wonderful rest during this holiday season, but let’s get our products that we found that are selling and kill it out there!

If you read this post thus far, let me share with you a little about my group DS Domination Network. I’ve built this group to provide strong support in your Drop Shipping ventures with ebay and amazon. I believe that the best way to help my people is to provide great feedback and support in their DSD business. What does that support mean?  Well… I’ll give you my personal email address as well as my skype ID to contact me anytime you have questions. I provide resources that only our group provides like exclusive connections only found in our group.  We give a ‘quick start-up guide’ that will get your Drop Shipping business up and running faster than just doing the basic DSD pro training. But don’t take my word for it… if you haven’t done your research yet, type in ‘ds domination’ or ‘ds domination review’ or ‘Best DS Domination Team’ or anything that has ‘DS Domination’ into google and see what comes up. There are many groups out there that are providing things when you join their group. You have to find the group that fits your personality while providing great support that you deserve. I might be a little bias, but I think I have the best DS domination group 😉  Seriously… please do research and find the best team and support to help grow your online ventures no matter who or what it may be. After you do your research and you have other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]  anytime!


DS Domination Genesis Private Facebook Group: So after talking with my existing DS Domination Members, I’ve created a special DS Domination facebook group that is Closed to the public or any other NON-DS Domination Network members. I created this group because I have some amazing resources/relationships/softwares that I want to share with members that are part of my team to help grow the business faster. I’m providing weekly the top products with almost guarantee (I say almost, because I don’t want to get in trouble here) profitability. I use a exclusive software that pretty much tells me niche products that are selling like crazy on Amazon.  I also connect you with the manufacturer that I have vetted so your risk is completely reduced! If you are interested in finding out more about this program or want to join my private group after joining my team than CLICK HERE. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM ONLY Hand PICKING 5-8 members to mentor the GENESIS program in my team, therefore the private group is limited to 5-8 people. Since this is for someone looking to take the business to a new level, I’ll be sharing all my top resources and secret sauce to these hand picked individuals that qualify. If you are interested, please email me first to see if I’m still taking people in the Private group. Once I reach 5-8 people I’ll close the group to help these individual take their DSD business to the next level 🙂 Sorry that I can only limit to these small group of people for now, the Genesis program is a huge business opportunity that will take time to develop and my time is very limited on helping on a one-one training basis.


If you are ready to join our team and start your venture with us. Check out the some of the articles below or click on the link and come on aboard!

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