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DS Domination Network explains the DS Domination Compensation Plan

If you have been searching online late at night and you came across an ad for DS Domination, I’m sure you have been bombarded with DS Domination Reviews and DS Domination Scams and DS Domination Compensation plan etc… Well… I want to help you understand what this company is about and how I can be of service to you.  Most people write to me on my site at DS Domination Network or DsDominationNetwork.com and ask “what is the DS Domination Compensation plan?”. Let me try to explain my take on this and see if I can help you understand the DS Domination compensation plan.

However, before I start talking to you about the DS Domination Compensation plan, I want to share with you my thought about any online business you get into.  I believe that many people get into an online business not understanding what to expect.  I want to help you understand and see if DS Domination or any online business for that matter is right for you.

You see I’ve been doing online business for about 8 years now… And I have to tell you, I’ve lost a lot of money on this journey.  I remember I was that guy who chased every online ‘shinny object’ that came my way.  If it wasn’t one guru saying ‘buy this’ and another saying ‘buy that’… or buy this ‘Push Button’ that and BS (sorry for my emotion here, it kind of struck a chord about my past) kind of stuff… I was so sick and tired of not able to trust anybody.  Honestly, I was more disgusted by the fact that so many scammers were online.  Anyways, I don’t want to lose focus here… so my point here is to help you not make the same mistakes whether you choose to go with DS Domination or some other ‘shinny object’… In my crazy online journey, I learn 3 essential elements that must be present in order to be successful online… so let me share that with you as a ‘thank you’ for reading this blog post 😉

  1. First Secret to Success online

You must believe in YOURSELF!

Ok Ok… without sounding too much like Tony Robbins here 😉  I really do believe that this is an element that most people say they have, but really don’t have it… Let me explain, you see most people are put in a box that was created by someone else in our lives… Maybe it’s your boss who created a box for you to work in and you work day in and day out… Maybe it’s your love ones that say ‘you are this or you are that’ and you live in that box…However, in order to get that ‘noise’ out of your system, you really have to believe in YOURSELF! Again, not trying to sound like some motivational speaker here… I’m just sharing with you the results of my crazy online journey.

  1. Second Secret to Success online




What do I mean by this… Don’t just jump into something without really doing the research.  Educate yourself in the industry or the business you are interested in getting into.  After you figure that out, go and find out every nook and cranny about the company, the people, the players etc… You get the point. So many times, I just jumped in because I saw a fancy video of an opportunity and I told myself ‘that’s for me!’ and bought something right away… Only to find out that I hated the opportunity or didn’t use the product at all.  Ok, so the lesson here is to research until you feel comfortable and educated enough to take on the opportunity.


  1. Third Secret to Success online


This is an important step… I have to tell you, I was one of those guys who love to start something and as soon as I felt any resistance, I just ‘quit’.  It didn’t matter if it was the best opportunity online or not, as soon as I felt something wasn’t going right, I just quit.  Basically, I quitted on myself.  I told myself that I was committed, but never had the actual ‘meat’ on that commitment… So what am I saying here, if you really want something and you want it really bad, commit to the opportunity and see it through, the good, the bad and the ugly.  That is the only way you’ll be able to reach your goal.  Nothing comes that easy… Trust me. If someone says to you that it is ‘EASY’ then you run away from them as far as you can 😉


Ok let me stop being some motivational speaker here and tell you about the DS Domination opportunity and why I think this might be a good option for you.  You see the reason why I endorse this opportunity is because it really has a low financial risk to get started.  I just remember so many opportunities out there where it cost so much to get started after getting the training… But with DS Domination, I believe that it’s a great way to get started on a low risk, low financial entry opportunity that has some good upside.

Almost forgot to talk about the DS Domination Compensation plan that you came to read about 😉  I’ll just briefly give an overview since I’m sure you seen many people explain this concept to death… So here it goes:

If you decide that you want to make extra money by selling the Drop Shipping training course than you can join as an affiliate for $9.95.  This will give you the ability to sell the training course and make commission on it. Ok, I need to say this at least before I break down the DS Domination Compensation plan, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN AFFILIATE TO MAKE MONEY! 😉  Many of my team members make great extra income by just buying the product and doing the Drop Shipping business…. Sorry again, lost track there for sec… let me break down the ds Domination compensation plan.

Along with paying a $9.95 affiliate fee, you must also own the DS Domination products to get commission on any DS Domination products.

Lastly, there are 10 levels you can get paid on with the DS Domination Compensation plan.  The first five levels are released when you sponsor one member to the DS Domination opportunity. The last five levels are released when you sponsor 14 members to the DS Domination opportunity.  This must be all personal sponsorship on your first line.  Below is the breakdown of how you can get paid on the levels:

You get paid 50% on level #1.  These are your personal recruits.  Obviously you can have unlimited people on this level.

Paid 10% on level 2.

Paid 5% on level 3

Paid 3% on level 4

Paid 2% on level 5

Paid 1% on level 6-10

I hope I was able to explain the DS Domination Compensation plan so that you were able to understand it. In any case if you didn’t understand it, you can always contact me and ask me a direct question 😉 Go to my contact me tab on my site and ask any question you like.  I wish you all the luck with any venture you find online. However if you do decide that DS Domination is for you, then I hope you consider join my team at DS Domination Network… Don’t want to brag, but I do have the fastest growing team in the company 😉

If you are ready to come on board and learn about Drop Shipping.

I highly recommend you join my team and learn as much as you can.

When you become a part of my team, we provide with so many more tools to help you grow your business.

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  • judy jemison

    Reply Reply August 8, 2014

    Hopefully, this program is not based on who joins the program under my downline. Its sounds interesting, but I dont want my success to be determined if someone joins the program. Please Respond.

    • Max

      Reply Reply August 8, 2014

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for taking the time to write on this website. Most people about 84% of members are not doing the affiliate side of the business, so what that means is that most people are making money drop shipping and doing the actual business that is taught in the trainings. Hope that helps!



  • harsha

    Reply Reply March 13, 2015

    To become affiliate in ds domination do we need to pay money for that or as DSD pro member we will be an affiliate too …. ?

    • Max

      Reply Reply March 13, 2015

      Hi Harsha!

      Thank you for taking the time to write on my blog.
      To answer your question, there is an additional fee for the affiliate program.
      It is $9.95 per month to be an affiliate of DS Domination.
      This helps pay for all the system and software updates as well as the customer support that comes with DS Domination on a monthly basis.

      Hope that helps!

      Max Kim

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