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Understanding DropShipping

Dropshipping is a retail sales approach where a store owner does not keep the items it offers in stock. As an alternative, when an establishment sells a product, it buys the item from a third party and has it delivered directly to the customer. Therefore, the DropShipper never sees or handles the item.


The biggest difference in between dropshipping and the conventional retail structure is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own stock. Instead, the merchant buys stock as needed from a 3rd party– generally a wholesaler or manufacturer– to meet orders of their customers.


This distinct model has a number of advantages and disadvantages:


DS Domination Dropshipping: Advantages



Probably the biggest benefit to dropshipping is that it’s feasible to introduce an ecommerce store without needing to invest thousands of bucks in inventory in advance. Generally, merchants have needed to tie up huge amounts of resources investing in inventory.


With the dropshipping model, you don’t need to acquire a product unless you currently made the sale and have been paid by the customer. Without significant up-front stock investments, it’s possible to begin a dropshipping business with hardly any significant capital.



Running an ecommerce company is a lot easier when you don’t need to handle actual items. With dropshipping, you do not have to worry about:

  1. Managing or paying for a retail store.
  2. Stuffing and shipping your orders.
  3. Tracking inventory for accounting reasons.
  4. Dealing with returns and incoming shipments.


Because you don’t have to handle purchasing inventory or managing a warehouse, your overhead expenses are fairly reduced. In fact, a lot of the best dropshipping companies are run in a home office with a laptop computer.  As you increase in profits, more expenses will likely increase however … remember that you still be low compared to those of standard brick-and-mortar businesses.



A dropshipping business can be run from just about anywhere with there is internet access. As long as you can interact with suppliers and customers effortlessly, you can run and manage your dropshipping business.



Because you do not need to pre-purchase the items you sell, you can offer a range of items to your potential customers. BASICALLY…You can list it for sale on your internet site at no extra cost if suppliers stock an item.



With a typical business, if you receive three times as much company you’ll generally should do 3 times as much work. By leveraging dropshipping suppliers, the majority of the job to refine additional orders will be done by the suppliers, allowing you to expand with less risk.

All these advantages make dropshipping an extremely attractive model to both beginning and established merchants. Sadly, dropshipping isn’t all rainbows and roses. All this advantage and versatility comes with a cost.


So… What are the Drawbacks.

DS Domination Dropshipping: Disadvantages



Low margins are the greatest drawback to running in a very competitive dropshipping specific niche. Due to the fact that it’s so easy to get started– and the overhead costs are so very little



If you stock all your very own items, it’s reasonably straightforward to monitor which products are in and out of stock. But when you’re sourcing from several warehouses, which are also fulfilling orders for other merchants, inventory changes every day.


This complicates your shipping costs.

Here is an example.. Let say a customer order  3 products, all which are readily available only from separate suppliers. You’ll incur 3 different shipping charges for delivering each item to the customer, however if you thought of passing the cost to the customer… well that would not be so wise 😉


Have you ever been criticized for something that had not been your mistake, but you blamed for the error anyway?

Very best dropshipping suppliers make errors fulfilling orders– mistakes for which you need to take obligation and say sorry. And low-quality and average suppliers will create unlimited frustration with missing out on items, mishandled shipments and low-quality packaging, which could ruin your business’s reputation.

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