DS Domination Network Solves Major Problems with Drop Shipping

DS Domination Network Provides Solutions for Drop Shipping Issues

As I am continually growing my DS Domination business, I’ve come across a issue that most of you will go through as a DS Domination member. However, before I tell you what I’m talking about here, let me preference by saying that our team DS Domination Network group has found SOLUTIONS 😉

So what is the problem most DS Domination members will face when doing this drop shipping business? It is the issue of “out of stock items”! Yes… you could list as many items as you can on ebay, and you get that ‘chaChing’ sound on your phone that you just sold the item… only to find out that when you go to Amazon to buy it, it is OUT OF STOCK!…  So the question is, “How do I make sure my customers do not purchase or order out of stock products?”

Honestly, nothing is worse than having to just have sold something and go to find out that it is no longer available…  If you are a veteran Drop Shipper than you probably have your own online store with your very own real-time inventory feeds that automates this issue for you…However, I’m going to assume that if you are on this site, you are just starting out or learning the ropes and looking for some answers.

DS Domination isn’t going to give you the magic pill that solves all issues. However, I will tell you that the solution to this problem is….Drum roll please….. ‘You need to have multiple suppliers that have overlapping product lines!’  This will insure that if Supplier X is out of a product there is a very positive chance that Supplier Y would have it in stock.

If you are asking how someone gets access to these multiple suppliers… Well all members of my DS Domination Network team get access to my personal exclusive drop shipping supplier list that have been personally tested and tested again for best results.

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