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If you’re considering on starting a drop shipping business, DS Domination has a wonderful training that will get you started quickly on the internet. However, let’s talk about what it will take to be successful in drop ship business.  Your direct success will be selling a specific product or products online and then ship it directly from your Wholesaler or Manufacturer to your customer.  The profit from a transaction is the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price in which you sold it.  There are many ways to run the business ie: through a physical store, a catalog or even a website…  However, with DS Domination, the training focuses on low financial risk and simplicity by using Amazon and Ebay as the model.  Let’s talk about the stages that you’ll be going though to set up your drop ship business with eBay.


DS Domination Step One

Open a seller account on eBay:

It is important to know that although there is a low financial output to starting a drop shipping business with ebay, but part know that there will be Listing fees with ebay.

There are more information on opening an account with eBay if you are not familiar on ebay.com


DS Domination Step Two

Find the very best Suppliers that you will be drop shipping from.

Like any good things, there are some bad apples out on the internet. Drop ship business isn’t a new concept, DS Domination just made it easier for people who are looking to expedite the learning curve with their trainings. However, it is very important to avoid Drop Ship companies that are looking to take advantage of people who are not familiar with this process.  I’ve personally done a lot research and I’ve seen people really get financial hurt because they just didn’t know which companies to trust. That is why DS Domination teaches members about using Amazon as the supplier.  I know… you are probably saying “AMAZON?”  Give me a little faith and trust that this is the best source right now.  Check out the process on my How Drop Shipping works page Here


DS Domination Step Three

Deciding which product to sell on ebay

One of the first things you must do while researching on ebay is to understand the demand of the product. Here is easy way to know if things are selling

  1. Log-on to ebay
  2. Put in the product you are thinking of selling in the search bar
  3. Sort by “Price Highest First”
  4. Select “ Sold Listings only”
  5. Enter “Search”
  6. Start taking notes on the products and pricing

If this didn’t make sense, inside the DS Domination membership site there are many trainings that will go deeper into this concept.


DS Domination Step Four

List the product on eBay for sale

Now that you have found the product and the price you want to sale, it’s time to actually list it on eBay. Inside the DS Domination training you’ll learn how to take the images and description and transfer it from Amazon to eBay. The listing process to list a item on eBay should take you no more than 5 minutes to list.


DS Domination Step Five

Purchase the item from your supplier(AMAZON) and ship it to your customer

This is the easiest step in your business.  Remember that you have just gotten paid by your customer on ebay through PayPal. Therefore, it is perfectly secured that you have your funds now to go and purchase the item for your client. The process of ordering on Amazon should be self explanatory, however if you do not know how to order on amazon, please visit their site www.Amazon.com


DS Domination Additional Notes

Since you don’t own the products and they come from Amazon, it is important that you track the item everyday online.  Nothing is worst when you just sold something on ebay and go to purchase it on Amazon and you find out that it is Out Of Stock…  You will then have to go back to your customer and tell them it is out of stock… The customer will not be very happy about this and might leave a negative feedback on your ebay account, which in turn brings fewer sales in the future.

DS Domination Network

I hope you found this article informative.  If you are interested in starting a Drop Shipping business, I highly recommend that you join the DS Domination Network and get all the training necessary to quickly become successful in Drop Shipping.  If you are ready to join the DS Domination family Click below and we’ll see you on the other side 😉



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