DS Domination Review

DS Domination Review


Hello Guys,


If you are reading this DS Domination Review, I’m going to assume that you have already did some research and was looking for some more validation of this business opportunity. Well.. I’m going to go beyond just give you the run basic review… I’m going to show you what you’ll receive from me PERSONALLY if you decide to join my team.  But please read below first


Introducing the…

DS Domination Business Opportunity!


  • DS Domination PRO

    • Learn How to Copy Product Images and Descriptions Straight from Amazon and Sell Them Directly On eBay.
    • Get Net Profits From $5 to $30 with Ease
    • Get Hours of Money-Making, Step-by-Step Training Videos
    • Get 4 Proprietary Software Programs Guaranteed to Grow Your Business
    • Learn from the Company Founders with Weekly Webinars


  • DS Domination Elite


    • Learn Additional Platforms for Buying and Selling Sought-After Products
    • Learn How to Track Programs That Help Manage Your Business and Boost Sales Practically On Autopilot
    • Get Proprietary Software That Regularly Scrapes eBay Searching for Profitable Products Matching the Proven-to-Sell Criteria Developed By Our Founders.
    • Get $50 to $200 per sale
    • Get a Special, Unadvertised Bonus to Skyrocket Profits to $300 to $500/week.
    • Get Topnotch, Live Webinars Twice a Week
    • Get Easy-to-Understand, Step-By-Step Training Videos


  • DS Domination Unleashed

    • Get Instant Access to Roger’s “Bread and Butter” Surefire Product Source and Get An endless Supply of Money-Making Products to sell.
    • Get Your Products Shipped Right to Your Doorstep, and Then Shipped Out to the Customer.
    • Practically Eliminate Your Risk As You Are Pre-Purchasing Your Products At a Fraction of the Costs.
    • Get Incredibly High-Profit, Step-by-Step Training Videos
    • Get Your Personal Rolodex of Exclusive Suppliers


  • DS Domination Monopoly

    • Learn to Easily Reverse the DS Domination Model and Quickly and Easily Start Selling Items on Amazon.
    • Learn the Hidden Technique Taught Only By the Pro’s Showing You How to Dominate Your Product Niche and Become an Exclusive Vendor
    • Get An Unfair Advantage and Get Every Sale
    • Create Your Personal Monopoly with Any product.
    • Get the One UPC Code Creation System Designed to Outrank Any Competitor – Past or Present
    • Get Even More Powerful, Step-by-Step Training Videos
  • DS Domination Genesis

    • Learn the secrets to becoming a true manufacturer
    • Use the the Amazon Platform to leverage your business
    • Utilize Fulfillment by Amazon to create the largest profit margin possible
    • Learn the secret the Roger the founding member that he didn’t want to share until NOW
    • Get the Step by Step Training Videos and Webinars to help your business
    • Cost: $1499
  • DS Domination Affiliate Marketing

    • Get Profit-Generating Affiliate Training Webinars Live At the Click of a Button
    • Get Access to Proven-to-Convert Promotional Tools Including Links to High-Converting Sales Pages, Recorded Webinars, Banners, and Much More.
    • FREE Bonus: Never-Before-Seen Craigslist Marketing Training Video Course
    • Plus, So Much More!


If you are not convinced that this is for you, than look at what some of my team members are saying about it:

“I just joined Max and his team “Ds Domination Network”. Let me say that this team is AWESOME!. Max provides all his team members with an exclusive training portal. I LOVE all the training around Drop Shipping as well as Internet Marketing. The Free Membership is PRICELESS!” -Bryan Forest

“Max… The bonuses you provide inside your team membership is wonderful. I still can’t believe you give this stuff out for free… I’m very lucky that I was referred to you by friend to join your team.” -Judy Hernandez

“Was searching for the best DS Domination team on the internet and I came across your team page. I did a lot of research and found that nobody was giving or helping even a third of what you’re providing. Thank you for all the Great Resources!” -Emily Park

“I’ve been in many direct marketing companies before, this is the first time a leader actually picks up his phone and calls you. That is what happen to me… I had questions and Max called me that same day. No wonder this team has the largest within the DS Domination Company.” -Sarah Anderson

So if you are ready to hear all about the awesome things I’m giving to those in my team, than read below!!!

Free Bonuses when you Join My Team, “DS Domination Network”


  • Get Instant Access to Our Private Training Sessions and Webinars 
  • Get Our Exclusive Marketing Affiliate LEADS (Done For You Leads)
  • Get Our Proprietary Custom Capture Page
  • Get Our Unique and Personal Coaching Training Help
  • Get Our Powerful and Proven-to-Succeed Internet Marketing Tools

There’s no-obligation and I promise no one will bother you with annoying phone calls. We’re simply way too busy making money and enjoying life. To get you copy of this important information right away, simply click here now.


Max, Team Builder/Coach

DS Domination Network

P.S. What we are offering you here is the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the #1 team within the DS Domination Network. Click here now to learn more. You’ll be so glad you did. See you on the other side.


DS Domination


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If you are ready to join us on DS Domination Membership
If you want to Contact ME Personally Contact US
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  • Pravir Bose

    Reply Reply December 10, 2014

    Hello ! I’m still researching the DSD Reviews and I’m quoting the following para from a member of some other DSD team whose leader has ignored to reply to that particular member on his blog. “…now I have nothing but unsatisfied buyers bcoz I can’t ship their items with a PayPal policy of 90 days before they let their money be available on my account for me to be able to ship their item to them.” Now what I NEED to know is this > Do the PayPal folks really withhold your money for 90 days in the beginning ?

    • Max

      Reply Reply December 18, 2014

      Hi Pravir,

      Thank you for taking the time to ask a question inside my blog.
      As far as paypal goes, it really depends how season your account is, if you are completely new to paypal and you just opened the account, they hold the fund for 21 days. I have not heard about a 90 day rule… But again, I could be wrong since they might have changed that rule recently, but I’m pretty positive that it’s 21 days. After your account get’s seasoned, the days they hold gets shorter and shorter… hope that helps!


  • Nathaniel Chambers

    Reply Reply March 9, 2015

    Hi Max, I heard you say that your team have more to offer than any other team, in DSD. Would it be too much to ask you what are you offerings?


    Nathaniel Chambers

    • Max

      Reply Reply March 13, 2015

      Hi Nathaniel!

      Thank you for reaching out to me through my blog site.
      I think all the teams out there have their strengths and weaknesses, however I can only really speak on what really stands out with our team.
      We really have a cool backoffice for our team members that gives an edge with exclusive Drop Ship vendors that will help you grow your business than any other DS members in the program. One of the promise that I give to my team members is that I’m available through skype all the time if you had questions. I am not one of those leaders that will leave you to do this on your own. Other than that, we have many tools and resources like many other teams have, but I thought it was important to mention what really makes me different with what I bring to the table!



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