Future of DS Domination

Future of DS Domination

What is the Future of DS Domination?

In our DS Domination webinar couple nights ago people started to ask about the future of DS Domination. Curious about if DS Domination has seen its last ‘leg’ in the industry and if after 1 year of doing DS Domination Network business, if that was the end of it. They started to mention companies like ‘Empower Network’ that had its peak year ago and now is slowing dying away and other direct marketing companies that have seen its peaks and died away.  The concern for DS Domination was real from these people, so I wanted to write a short blog to share my DS Domination update for my DS Domination Affiliates and DS Domination Members.

As people were sharing concerns, I could not help but sympathize with the current DS Domination affiliates and DS Domination members.  Their concerns resonated with me as they were asking questions… I could remember those nights when I was involved with many of these direct marketing companies when I find out that these other companies would be going out of business or people just didn’t feel that it was worth their time anymore. I remember when my heart just dropped after spending months and years on developing a team and helping people see success to only find out that the company as a whole is going out of business… Of course no fault to the affiliates or even members involved, but it was still hard to swallow the time and effort you put in only to see it all go away because of these direct marketing company’s lack of leadership and vision.

So what is the difference with DS Domination vs. the other direct marketing companies?(DS Domination Review) The answer is pretty simple… it’s the actual product that they sell.  So what do I mean by this? The products or the training/skills that is taught from DS Domination is something that can ultimately be used regardless if this company DS Domination (knock on wood) goes out of business or not. Meaning… The skill sets that you learn from all the DSD advance training can be used to make a living or income or replace your current income regardless if the company is around or not.(I’m betting it will be here for awhile) Other companies that sell products that are obsolete go out of business very quickly. (I won’t mention it here on this blog since some of you might have been a part of it)

Do I believe DS Domination has hit its peak or will hit its peak? That’s a good question… Let me answer that by giving you another perspective… Tell me a very successful company that hasn’t or going to see a peak in their business? Every company that I know of has had its peak or is working towards a peak. Another words, the ‘peak’ really isn’t the issue at hand, it’s about sustainability of the business model or the reinvention of the products in the future. A “Peak” of a business is just the “Highest” point in a business at given time. Do you think McDonalds has hit its peak? Regardless if McDonalds has hit its peak or not, the business model is sustainable and continues to do well… ( Now I feel like a Big Mac just talking about them. YIKES! Gotta Watch my weight!!!)

Let me share with you more of my personal experience with DS Domination and the DS Domination trainings. Just a disclaimer here…  What I’m about to share is only my experience. I’m only sharing with you my experience because I want you to see that regardless if DSD is here or not, the new skill sets I’ve learned can’t be taken away… I hope that is making sense…


So after purchasing the DS Domination Genesis product, I learn a skill set that has basically changed my financial landscape of my life. My products that I’ve sourced are now hitting top 10% in the given category on Amazon consistently. Now am I saying that you’ll do this if you join DS Domination and purchase the advance training etc… Well… the answer is “I don’t know…” I don’t know your skill sets, I don’t know your commitment level, I don’t know who you are personally. But I can tell you that if you do decide to come on board with the DS Domination opportunity and even decide to come join my team. I’ll could guarantee you that you’ll at Least Get On that Right Track.(Ok that was my little plug to join my team 😉 ) The point is, the skill sets that I’ve learn has helped me develop other skills as well in the industry to really help my own business on Amazon and eBay.

If you want to find out a little more about the opportunity, here is a video that will help explain more in details.  CLICK HERE

Afterwards, if you are have questions or even interested in coming on board with this opportunity, Check out some of the articles below or click on the link and come on aboard!

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