How Drop Shipping Works

Drop Shipping Simplified with DS Domination

1. Search and Find a product in Amazon to sell

This is the Fun Part! Locate products that you’d like to sell to drop ship from Amazon. There are Millions of products to choose from! Use the strategies and training from DS Domination to research and discover which products give you the best chance of success.

DS Domination

2. List and sell the product

List your products on eBay to sell to billions of buyers online. Ebay has made this process super easy to upload products very quickly. DS DS Domination Training provides all the necessary short-cuts so that you simplify the entire process.

DS Domination Drop Ship eBayeBay Drop Shipping

3. Collect the payment

After the product sells on eBay, collect your money from the buyer.

DSD Collect Payment Amazon eBay

4.  Process your NEW order with Amazon

Now log back into your Amazon account and order the product after you have been paid by the buyer. Any money you receive above the listed drop ship price is your profit. It’s That simple!

DS Domination Process order Amazon

5. The product’s shipped directly to your customer

Never hassle with the costs and extra time associated with shipping products.
Just keep selling!

DS Domination Ship To Customer

6. Sell again. Profit again.

You never have to carry or pay for inventory up front — you only pay for products after customers have paid you first.

DS Domination Network Sell ebay Amazon


 Get all the training and resources to start your Drop Shipping business with DS Domination! Click Here To Start!

DS Domination
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  • I like your approach Max….I think that I will give this a go with your team.

  • Sheldon Mottley

    Reply Reply September 16, 2014

    I am am very interested in this….but can you tell me how much it is exactly to join and if i will have to do a monthly subscription.

    • Max

      Reply Reply October 17, 2014

      Hi Sheldon,

      The pro membership training is $19.95.
      I recommend that you try out the training first before looking into other higher advance trainings.

      Hope that helps!



  • Chris

    Reply Reply September 17, 2014

    Hey Max!

    Please, one question. Presently, I have a Windows XP system, without MS Office 2007 or newer. Would you recommend I upgrade to Win 7 & MS Office (Excel) or can I get by at first with my system as is. I also have a Android HTC One, that I believe I can Skype from if needed.

    Thanks for your time with this request.

    • Max

      Reply Reply September 17, 2014

      Hello Chris,

      Thanks for reaching out to me.
      I have personally sent you a email answering your question.
      Please contact me with any other questions!

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