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DS Domination Network is devoted to keeping both a high standard of privacy and a high standard of information protection in all of its activities. The business needs to however stabilize its regard for the privacy interests of its customers-both It’s resellers and its end-users, employees and customers with its public duties as a company. This is especially real with regard to DS Domination Network’s obligations as an accredited registrar where the business is needed to openly present registrant contact information in the appropriate WHOIS directory site.


DS Domination Network’s privacy policy puts on individual information about identifiable DS Domination Network consumers that is accumulated, made use of or revealed by DS Domination Network. It also applies to the management of personal information in any type whether oral, electronic or written. The policy does not include a person or company’s name, title, company address, telephone number or any other information that is needed by a registry to be openly readily available in a “Whois” directory.

General Application

The policy will put on and protect all individual information collected made use of or revealed by DS Domination Network except information that is aggregated in such a way that it cannot be connected to a person and/or information which is openly detailed in “Whois” directory.

Individual information which may fall under the policy may include however is not limited to:

  • User names and passwords;
  • Technical support records;
  • Credit history/performance information.
  • Just how much is invested on DS Domination Network’s services which of its rivals;
  • Market or company, number of employees;
  • Credit card information, language preferences;
  • Internet method address and time stamps;
  • Payment and financial information;
  • Special needs.

Personal information may be collected when:.

1. An individual makes any queries by telephone, indications an agreement, registers on our site or offers any information by e-mail or with the Web, inquires about his/her services, receives technical support, registers online, makes additional orders for services or when he/she makes a problem; and/or.

2. An individual sees the DS Domination Network site.

The policy does not enforce any restrictions on the collection, use or disclosure of the following information:.

1. an individual’s name, address, phone number and electronic address, when listed in a directory site;.

2. a staff member’s name, title, business address (consisting of email address) and phone and fax numbers; or.

3. information that is publicly offered and is pointed out by law or policy.

Guidelines for Internet/Website Users

There are extra standards that put on persons who utilize our Websites and websites. In addition to the principles described above, DS Domination Network may allow third parties to offer individuals with subscription and/or registration-based services with the Websites. In such circumstances, DS Domination Network cannot be responsible for the material of any third party offerings or any actions or policies of such 3rd parties.

DS Domination Network also reminds individuals that willingly revealed information online in discussion areas or other public areas of our Websites can be gathered and utilized by 3rd parties and may lead to unwanted messages from 3rd parties. Such activities are beyond the control of DS Domination Network.

In some cases, users’ non-personal information and information could be immediately gathered through the basic operation of DS Domination Network’s web servers or with the use of “cookies”. DS Domination Network cannot manage or avoid the use of cookies or any information obtained with such cookies by marketers or third parties.

Any submissions made to conversation areas or various other public areas on our Websites are done so with an individual’s understanding that they come to 3rd parties. If remarks are not intended for 3rd parties, you are advised not to make any submissions.

In any event, users can ask for DS Domination Network to stop from sending marketing from DS Domination Network or its authorized representatives at any time by merely contacting us below.

DS Domination Network’s policy usually and in connection with Internet use undergoes the guidelines or provisions of any appropriate regulation, regulations or agreements, or order of any court, or various other legal authority. Your use of our Websites is also based on these guidelines as well as DS Domination Network’s Appropriate Use Policy.


These concepts are interrelated and DS Domination Network should adhere to them as a whole. The observation in DS Domination Network’s policy might be tailored to reflect personal information issues specific to DS Domination Network.


To better comprehend our policy, DS Domination Network has actually set out some basic meanings to make use of when reading and interpreting the concepts below:.

Collection– the act of gathering, acquiring, recording, or acquiring individual information from any source, including 3rd parties, by any ways.

Authorization– voluntary contract with the collection, use and disclosure of individual information for specified functions. Consent will be suggested when a specific or entity uses to get information or services and concurs to the basic terms and conditions imposed by DS Domination Network and/or its appropriate partner.

Customer– a specific or entity that uses, or puts on utilize, DS Domination Network’s products or services, including but not restricted to both affiliates and customers.

Disclosure– making individual information available to a third party.

Individual information– information about an identifiable person that is recorded in any kind, however does not include aggregated information that cannot be related to a certain customer. For a consumer, such information does not consist of information that is aggregated in such a manner that it cannot be connected to him/her and/or information which is openly noted in a composed or online directory site.

3rd party– an individual or company outside DS Domination Network.

Use– the treatment, handling, and management of personal information by and within DS Domination Network.

Concept 1– Responsibility

DS Domination Network is responsible for personal information under its control. Duty for making sure compliance with the arrangements of the DS Domination Network policy rests with the Legal Department within DS Domination Network, which should designate one or more persons to be responsible for compliance with the DS Domination Network policy. Various other people within DS Domination Network might be entrusted to act on behalf of the designated person(s) or to take duty for the everyday collection and processing of individual information.

2. DS Domination Network will make known, upon demand, the identity of the person or persons designated to oversee DS Domination Network’s compliance with its policy.

3. DS Domination Network accountable for personal information in its possession or control. DS Domination Network shall use appropriate ways to provide a comparable level of protection while information is being processed by a third party.

DS Domination Network shall implement policies and practices to provide impact to these principles, including:.

1. Implementing treatments to secure individual information and to supervise DS Domination Network’s compliance with its policy;.

2. Establishing treatments to respond and receive to queries or grievances;.

3. Training and interacting to staff about DS Domination Network’s practices and policies; and.

4. Establishing information to discuss DS Domination Network’s policies and practice.

Concept 2– Identifying Functions for Collection of Personal Information.

DS Domination Network should recognize the purposes for which individual information is accumulated at or before the time the information is accumulated.

1. DS Domination Network collects individual information just for the following functions:.

  • To establish and keep accountable industrial relations with customers and to provide ongoing services and offers;.
  • To comprehend client requirements;.
  • To develop, boost, market or provide services and products;.
  • To develop and manage DS Domination Network’s business and operations, including workers and employment issues; and.
  • To meet legal and regulative guidelines.

More references to “identified purposes” indicate the functions determined in this Concept 2– A.

2. Unless the function is implied from the nature of the service provided, DS Domination Network will point out orally, digitally or in writing the determined functions to the customer or employee at or before the time individual information is gathered. Upon request, individuals gathering personal information should discuss these determined purposes or refer the individual to a designated individual within DS Domination Network who shall describe the purposes.

3. Unless needed by law, DS Domination Network shall not use or divulge for any brand-new purpose, individual information that has actually been accumulated without first determining and documenting the new function and getting the permission of the customer.

Concept 3– Getting Permission for Collection, Use or Disclosure of Personal Information.

The understanding and consent of a customer is needed for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information, other than where unacceptable.

KEEP IN MIND: In certain conditions individual information can be collected, made use of, or disclosed without the understanding and authorization of the person. For example, legal or protection reasons could make it impossible or unwise to look for permission.

When information is being accumulated for the detection and prevention of fraud or for police, seeking the permission of the individual may defeat the purpose of collecting the information. Seeking authorization might be unacceptable or impossible when the individual is a minor, seriously ill, or mentally incapacitated. In addition, if we do not have a direct relationship with a client, we could not always be able to seek authorization.

In obtaining permission, DS Domination Network will use practical efforts to guarantee that a client is suggested of the recognized purposes for which individual information collected will be made use of or divulged. Purposes shall be stated in a way that can be reasonably understood by the client or staff member.

2. Normally, DS Domination Network should seek consent to utilize and divulge personal information at the exact same time it collects the information. Nonetheless, DS Domination Network could seek grant utilize and reveal individual information after it has been gathered but before it is used or revealed for a brand-new purpose.

3. DS Domination Network will only need customers to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of individual information as a condition to the supply of a services or product if such collection, use or disclosure is needed to fulfill the determined purposes.

4. In figuring out the proper type of consent, DS Domination Network will take into consideration the sensitivity of the individual information and the practical expectations of its clients.

5. In basic, using services and products by a client constitutes implied permission for DS Domination Network to gather, make use of and divulge personal information for all identified purposes. For delicate information, DS Domination Network will get express authorization at or prior to the time of collection.

A client could withdraw permission at any time, subject to legal, regulatory or contractual constraints and sensible notification. Clients may contact DS Domination Network at the address below for more information regarding the effects of doing so.

Concept 4– Limiting Collection of Personal Information.

DS Domination Network shall restrict the collection of individual information to that which is required for the recognized purposes. DS Domination Network should accumulate personal information by legal and fair methods.

1. DS Domination Network accumulates personal information primarily from its customers.

2. DS Domination Network could likewise accumulate individual information from various other sources including however not restricted to credit bureaus or other 3rd parties who represent that they deserve to disclose the information.

Principle 5– Restricting Use, Disclosure, and Retention of Personal Information.

DS Domination Network will not use or divulge personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the permission of the specific or as required by a pc registry or by law. DS Domination Network will keep individual information just as long as required for the fulfillment of those purposes or as needed by law.

1. DS Domination Network could reveal a consumer’s individual information to:.

  • An end-user’s affiliate / reseller;.
  • A third party provider for the efficient and cost-efficient provision of services;.
  • Another person or company as part of conducting business together or pursuant to the sale of all or considerably all of DS Domination Network’s properties associated with several particular lines of business;.
  • A business involved in providing communications or communications directory site related services;.
  • A business or specific utilized by DS Domination Network to carry out functions on its behalf;.
  • An additional company or person for the development, improvement, advertising or provision of any of DS Domination Network’s products or services;.
  • An agent or third party kept by DS Domination Network in connection with DS Domination Network’s administration or the arrangement of DS Domination Network’s product and services;.
  • A representative utilized by DS Domination Network to examine the client’s creditworthiness or to collect the client’s account;.
  • Credit grantors and reporting companies;.
  • A public authority or representative of a public authority, if in the sensible judgment of DS Domination Network, it appears that there is imminent danger to life or home which could be stayed clear of or lessened by disclosure of this information;.
  • An individual who, in the affordable judgment of DS Domination Network, is seeking the information as a representative of the client; and.
  • A 3rd party or parties, where the consumer grant such disclosure or disclosure is required by law or emergency. DS Domination Network reserves the right to contact persons at any time pertaining to account status, modifications to services and other matters relevant to underlying services and/or individual information. Other than as permitted in this Concept, DS Domination Network does not offer or offer its client lists to any outdoors business for use in advertising or solicitation.

2. Just DS Domination Network’s workers with a business need to know, or whose tasks sensibly so require, are provided access to individual information that is not publicly readily available about clients.

3. DS Domination Network will keep personal information just as long as it continues to be needed or pertinent for the recognized purposes or as required by law. Depending upon the circumstances, where individual information has been made use of to make a decision about a consumer, DS Domination Network shall maintain, for a period of time that is fairly adequate to allow for access by the consumer, either the real information or the reasoning for making the choice.

4. Individual information that is no longer necessary or appropriate for the recognized purposes or required to be maintained by law should be destroyed, eliminated or made confidential. In any event, DS Domination Network shall maintain affordable and systematic controls, schedules and practices for such information, its retention and destruction.

Concept 6– Accuracy of Personal Information.

Personal information shall be as exact, up-to-date and total as is essential for the purposes for which it is to be used.

1. Personal information made use of by DS Domination Network shall be adequately precise, complete, and current to lessen the possibility that unacceptable information may be made use of to decide about a consumer.

2. DS Domination Network shall update personal information about clients as and when necessary to satisfy the recognized purposes or upon notification by the person.

Concept 7– Security Safeguards.

DS Domination Network shall protect personal information by safety safeguards proper to the sensitivity of the information.

1. DS Domination Network shall safeguard individual information against such threats as loss or fraud, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, modification, use or destruction, through suitable safety measures. DS Domination Network shall shield the information despite the format in which it is held.

2. DS Domination Network shall shield personal information it divulges to 3rd parties by contractual contracts stipulating the confidentiality of the information and the functions for which it is to be made use of.

3. All of DS Domination Network’s staff members with access to individual information will be required as a condition of employment to contractually appreciate the privacy of individual information.

Concept 8– Openness Worrying Policies and Practices.

DS Domination Network shall make easily available to customers and employees particular information about its policies and practices associating with the management of personal information.

1. DS Domination Network will make information about its practices and policies easy to understand, consisting of:.

  • The title and address of the person or individuals accountable for DS Domination Network’s compliance with the policy and to whom questions or grievances can be forwarded;.
  • The ways of accessing to personal information held by DS Domination Network; and.
  • A description of the kind of individual information held by DS Domination Network, including a basic account of its use.

Concept 9– Consumer Access to Personal Information.

DS Domination Network should notify a customer of the existence, use, and disclosure of his/her individual information upon request and should provide the specific access to that information. A customer should have the ability to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as suitable.

NOTE: In particular scenarios, DS Domination Network may not be able to provide access to all the individual information it holds about a client. Exceptions may include information that is prohibitively pricey to offer, information which contains references to other people, information that can not be revealed for legal, security or industrial exclusive reasons or information that is subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege. DS Domination Network should provide the reasons for rejecting access upon demand.

1. Upon demand, DS Domination Network shall manage consumers a reasonable chance to examine the personal information in the person’s file. Personal information shall be provided in easy to understand type within an affordable time and at a minimal or no cost to the individual.

2. Upon demand, DS Domination Network should offer an account of the use and disclosure of personal information and, where practical, legal and possible, will state the source of the information. In providing an account of disclosure, DS Domination Network shall offer a list of organizations to which it could have disclosed individual information about the person when it is not possible to provide a real list.

3. In order to protect individual information, a customer may be required to provide sufficient recognition information to allow DS Domination Network to account for the existence, use and disclosure of personal information and to license access to the individual’s file. Any such information shall be utilized just for this function.

DS Domination Network will promptly fix or finish any personal information found to be insufficient or unreliable. Where appropriate, DS Domination Network will transmit to 3rd parties having access to the personal information in question any modified information or the existence of any unsolved distinctions.

5. Clients can obtain information or seek access to their specific files by getting in touch with a designated agent at DS Domination Network’s office as described below.

Concept 10– Challenging Compliance.

A customer should have the ability to attend to a challenge worrying compliance with the above concepts to the designated individual or persons responsible for DS Domination Network’s compliance with the policy.

1. DS Domination Network shall maintain treatments for taking care of and responding to all questions or problems from its consumers about DS Domination Network’s handling of individual information.

2. DS Domination Network shall notify its clients about the presence of these procedures as well as the accessibility of grievance procedures.

3. The individual or persons accountable for compliance with DS Domination Network’s policy may look for external recommendations where appropriate before offering a last feedback to individual grievances.

4. DS Domination Network will investigate all complaints concerning compliance with the policy. If a grievance is found to be justified, DS Domination Network shall take suitable measures to deal with the problem including, if required, amending its procedures and policies.


To read more: Please contact us with our Websites or directly through our Privacy Office as follows by:

E-mail: [email protected]

Mail: DS Domination Network.

4100 MacArthur Blvd. Newport Beach CA. 92660.

References to DS Domination Network describe

DS Domination Network Privacy Policy.


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