Truth About DS Domination

The Truth About DS Domination

 Nothing is Held Back:Truth About DS DominationTruth About DS Domination

I’ have been with DS Domination since the launch of the online drop shipping opportunity taught by Roger Langille.  There has been a lot of positive and negative feedbacks and comments about DS Domination or Drop shipping business as a whole.  I thought I would write a blog post sharing with you my perspective on the company, the opportunity and the People in it. This way you’ll get my perspective of the truth about DS domination.

Many of you already know that I have been doing Drop Shipping for about 8 years already prior to joining the opportunity with DS Domination while creating my group DS Domination Network.  When this opportunity was presented to me in October 2013, I was hesitant or skeptical about drop shipping training platforms. Considering if you just type in on google “Drop Shipping Training or Drop Shipping” you’ll get hundreds of companies claiming they have the best drop shipping training available online.  So you could see why I was a bit of a skeptic.  Like many of you doing your due diligence finding out everything you can, what I did was I picked up my phone and called Roger Langille directly to find out the real scoop.  I wanted to find out what his future plans with DS Domination and what he envisioned as the creator of this Drop Shipping platform.  After an hour long conversation with him, I was convenience that he had a product that could actually let a average person make money online.  Don’t get me wrong, I have done plenty of Drop Shipping in my days to ask the right and hard questions.   After speaking to him and getting a glimpse of the training videos, I first kick myself why I didn’t do it myself 🙂 .  However, I’m a big supporter of guys who create real products that can change people’s lives if they apply themselves to it.

When I talk to DS Domination potential opportunist, I always ask them… “Since you are looking for an opportunity to build extra income online, so what is your alternative then?” Now I ask this question, not because I’m looking to point them to DS Domination or the DS Domination opportunity. I do this because I genuinely want to know what they are considering out there.  Now if my experience tells me right, usually the online opportunities are filled with HYPE and FAKE claims and OVER PROMISES of things. It’s funny and sad in a way because we all know (including me at times) we can fall right into that trap of the sales page or the sales message.  It’s so hard to trust anything that is online.  I’ve been a internet marketer for a while now and I like to believe I’ve seen it all… However, everyday I see some crazy Scams or HYPE that is all over the place.  Anyways, going back to the truth about Ds Domination… The Truth is… even within DS Domination, there are bunch of affiliates that make Hype up videos and Scam like promotions etc… I get frustrated when I see that since I’m a big supporter of the DS Domination opportunity. But the truth is that I’m can put my stamp of approve of DS Domination Drop Shipping Training and that DS Domination is not a Scam or it’s not a HYPE.  It’s real training that you can use and apply to make good income online. I don’t believe you’ll become a millionaire using this strategy, but I do believe that you can make some good income to support your family.  So do yourself a favor and stop typing in on google ‘DS Domination Scam and DS Domination HYPE’, because the info there isn’t good anyways.

I hope all of you enjoy the blog post that I write here for you on my DS Domination Network.  I like to believe that I’m bringing some good value to you as a coach or as a trainer or as a mentor for your drop shipping business as a whole.  I know there are crazy things out there, but if you’ve come this far and you are seriously considering Drop Shipping or DS Domination as a potential business opportunity. I highly encourage you to join my team or I like to say it in another way, ‘come Join us on our journey together as well build a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.’

If you want to find out more about DS Domination, please read my DS Domination Review on this website.


If you are ready to join my team and take your online business to the next level, visit me below.

If you are not interested at all with Drop Shipping or DS Domination, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read this blog post this far.  I wish you all the luck in any venture you consider.  Best Wishes!!!


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