What is Drop Shipping by DS Domination Network

What is Drop Shipping with DS Domination?

Many people have been emailing be these days asking me the question, “What is Drop Shipping?” and how can DS Domination help me with this… Ok, so I’ll do my very best to explain the most simplest way about What is Drop Shipping and how DS Domination can help you if you decide you want go into this business.

So let me tackle the first question of ‘What is Drop Shipping?”

Drop Shipping is basically a way to sell a product online and send it to the buyer without you every owning or stocking the inventory. Essentially, all the financial risk is pretty much not present when you us this model.  Here is a typical Drop Shipping process… obviously this is just the basic model, but it’s pretty much how all drop shipping business works.

Drop Shipping Step #1

Search and locate  products or items you want to sell. This is the research part of your business.

Drop Shipping Step #2

Put the product you research online platform like eBay or Amazon

Drop Shipping Step #3

After a buyer purchases the product or item, you collect your payment through paypal or other electronic formats.

Drop Shipping Step #4

Go back to the Supplier you found the product you listed on eBay or Amazon

Drop Shipping Step #5

Your supplier packages and ships the product from their warehouse

Drop Shipping Step #6

You go sell again on a new product and make more money while not having any financial responsibility


That is the pretty much the extent of what a Drop Shipping business is all about. Of course there are Pros and Cons to this business, but you can read my blog post on there here.


I hope this answer the question of What is Drop Shipping”

Now if you are wondering what DS Domination is, let me explain it the best way I can. Basically, this is a company that put a step by step drop shipping business training videos to those who want to get into the business. There are many drop shipping training courses out there, but I found that DS Domination has the best and straightforward training I’ve seen on the internet.  If you are interested in finding out more about this business, then see below to get all the details.

If you are ready to come on board and learn about Drop Shipping.

I highly recommend you join my team and learn as much as you can.

When you become a part of my team, we provide with so many more tools to help you grow your business.

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