What is DS Domination

What is DS Domination and What are the Benefits of DSD?

What Can DS Domination Network Do for Me?

Let me start this blog by saying how much I LOVE my DS Domination Network family. You guys have been rocking this opportunity like crazy.  I’ve seen so many of you break your $1000/day milestone, so I’m very proud of all of you that have hit your milestones. Most of you are very close to breaking your $500/day too, so I can’t wait for all of you get there soon!

There are still many people online writing to me asking, “What is DS Domination?”. Instead of sharing with you everything about what DS Domination Network is about, I highly recommend you go to my other post of DS Domination Review and get all the latest scoop for those who don’t know yet 😉

So you might be saying then, “What is this DS Domination blog post about?”… I’m glad you asked (I know some of you didn’t ask that, but go with me on this)… Every night around 1am when I’m actually doing my DSD business or my DS Domination business online, I start by asking this question… “How can I help my DS Domination Network team members grow their business?”.  It’s something I do to always keep our members in front of my mind so that I’m reminded that the DS Domination Network team members are the keys to everybody’s (including myself) success.  So if you are wondering what I can up with, let me share with you right now! (can you feel my excitement! Okay maybe it’s the 1am tired man talking)

I came up with something I want to do for our affiliate members of the DS Domination network family. As many of you know that attraction marketing is huge in the direct marketing or MLM industry. If you don’t know about attraction marketing, I highly recommend you read that topic by ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’(you’ll notice that I didn’t put a direct link because when I write my blog I don’t try to make money off my readers by sending them thru my link).  Basically it’s the idea that makes you the expert in the industry in turn people will ‘attract’ to whatever you are selling or talking about.  So in this case of DS Domination Affiliates, I tried to figure out how I can make you the ‘expert’ in the DS Domination Drop Shipping (‘Dropshipping’ sometimes spelled) become more creditable… So I couldn’t think of a better way to do this than our team here at DS Domination Network writing a Press Release news out in the world about how great you are 😉 ! So… once we write this awesome Press Release that we will share with the entire world about you, I’ll send it to my press release network of 10,000 newspaper/media outlets etc to pick up this press release about you.  Once it’s publish, I’ll send you some links where it’s posted then you can post those links on your website, email signatures, blog post etc…  You’ll have an awesome news article written about you! Meaning you’ll instantly become a ‘Expert’ in DropShipping or as a DS Domination Affiliate.

Now the question you probably are asking right now is, “ How much will this cost me Max?”…  wait for it…Wait for it… FREE! Yes I said that correct.. FREE!  Ok maybe not completely free 🙂 I’m going to do this for the next 100 members that join our team and takes this business seriously.  To qualify you’ll also need to join the DS Domination ‘Pro product’ and the DS Domination ‘Elite product’ for our team to do this for you.  Like I said, this will be for the next 100 members that join my team.  You can email me at dsDominationNetwork@gmail.com to see if this offer is still available anytime. Okay, so I hope you are excited about what I’ve just shared with you, this is one of the best DS Domination strategies that I’ve used in all my online business and it works very well.  Hope you guys see the value!

Ok for those who are not part of the DS Domination Network yet, if you are ready to come on board and join me in this awesome adventure, than sign up below or CLICK HERE.  If you need more information about me, then check out my “About Max” page.

I’m super excited about all our members and their success, I’m thinking maybe doing a DS Domination Blog Interview to our top members maybe next time… hmm…. That might be a great idea!(yes…I do talk to myself sometime) And I just came up with this idea without being 1am in the morning! OMG maybe some great ideas come during the day too! LOL!

Love you all!


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