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The latest announcement coming out of DS Domination Las Vegas event is DS Domination Genesis.  Now if you have been on my site and have read any of my blog post, you’ll know that I am dedicated in giving the no fluff or no hype information. I’ve already seen rookie internet marketers out there telling people they are going to be millionaires by just purchasing this new training that the DS Domination corporation has put together…  Honestly, do people think that making these kind of claims will make people just jump off the building for them? It bothered me that some of the DSD members wrote this, so I felt I needed to write this post for our members or any other people looking at the DSD opportunity.  My fellow internet marketers… I am not trying to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ here and say you “can’t” make MILLIONS, but I just hope that you will do all your research before making any decisions on any product or opportunity.

So what is DS Domination Genesis? I figure the best way to explain this is to give you all the facts first and then give you my opinion about it afterwards.  So with any founders of any direct marketing company, they always have a short term, midterm, and long term vision. After their first event in Las Vegas, they have revealed their ‘midterm’ vision by introducing the DS Domination Genesis training platform.  In a nutshell, this training will allow you or at least teach you to become a ‘manufacturer or distributor’ in this industry. If you are widely successful with Drop Shipping on eBay or Amazon, and want to take it to a new level, then becoming a manufacturer or a distributor is the next level for you. The training will teach you to utilize the largest online retail platform to your advantage, which is Amazon. You see Amazon has a fulfillment centers all across the country that sellers/manufacturers/distributors could utilize called FBA(fulfillment by Amazon).  Have you ever bought something on Amazon and one of the item options says, “Fulfilled by Amazon”?  That is where the product is processed and shipped from their warehouse.  That is what essentially DS Domination Genesis will teach you, it will teach you to have a product(s) that will be fulfilled by Amazon while you reap the rewards of cutting out all the middleman that Drop Shipping goes through.

Let me share with you my opinion or at least my honest DS Domination Genesis review on the training. As you already know, I’ve been in the import/export business for awhile and I joined this opportunity because I felt that the training they provided was excellent for anybody wishing to get into this industry. I know so many people that ask me about how to get into the business and I couldn’t think of a better way for somebody to learn very quickly then going through the DS Domination program.  I have personally purchased the DS Domination Genesis, I realize that I have a large DS Domination group that will need my opinion on this product and I felt that giving my honest review of it would be the best thing before my team members go spend $1499 on the training. Yup you read that right, it’s $1499 for the training. (once you pick yourself off the floor from the sticker shock, you can continue reading) :).  Let me say this before anything, this training is NOT for everybody, please do NOT let other people on the internet tell you that you NEED this training to be successful with DS Domination.  YOU DO NOT NEED this product to be successful with DS Domination. Just like in any business, there are people that are very ambitious and are doing it as a full time business and want to get the full benefits of doing import/export/drop shipping business. This training does allow members to take their current drop shipping business to the next level. However, greater reward comes with greater risk… Listen, I’m one of those guys who takes a lot of risk in business, because I believe that if you do not take the risk you’ll never realize the full potential of any opportunity… However, you are not me and I am not you, so don’t take my experiences and my risk tolerance to give you the green light to jumping into any high ticketed product like DS Domination Genesis.  Most DS Domination members got into DSD because of the low risk and low entry price point to making some money online, with DSD Genesis it will take up front capital in order to launch a product. Remember the whole idea of drop shipping with eBay or drop shipping with Amazon, was for you to not have any risk in ‘buying the product’ first before it was sold. Well, this is not the case with DS Domination Genesis. You will need to source out a product or products you want to sell on Amazon and purchase them first before you sell it on Amazon.  However, because you are purchasing them at a “TRUE” wholesale/distributor/manufacturer pricing, you’ll be selling a $50 product that you just bought for $6 (purely as an example).  So the upside to this business model is great, but if you do not have the initial capital to do it, I highly recommend you  go through the Drop Shipping model to make a steady predictable income and then take the financial investment into the DSD Genesis model.

If you are a member of my DS Domination Network family, then you know that I personally provide for you a list of my personal wholesalers that I’ve used in the past to sell the retailers etc… This is where you take the advance of that list and buy in bulk to get the best pricing for Amazon to fulfill for you.  (if you are not a member of my DS Domination Network, that last couple sentence probably didn’t make any sense)

Ok, I hope you enjoyed my blog post here on my review of DS Domination Genesis. Oh I forgot to mention, there will be another launch later on in the future called DS Domination Supremacy will take your knowledge to another level… But one thing at a time 🙂

If you are still on the fence and are looking to find a team or at least someone who can help guide you through this business, I hope you would consider joining my team DS Domination Network. I would love for you to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.  My team has about 98% retention rate in our group, what that means is that when people join my group, people stay in our group and see the success of the opportunity. Hope to you see you guys on the other side!


If you read this post thus far, let me share with you a little about my group DS Domination Network. I’ve built this group to provide strong support in your Drop Shipping ventures with ebay and amazon. I believe that the best way to help my people is to provide great feedback and support in their DSD business. What does that support mean?  Well… I’ll give you my personal email address as well as my skype ID to contact me anytime you have questions. I provide resources that only our group provides like exclusive connections only found in our group.  We give a ‘quick start-up guide’ that will get your Drop Shipping business up and running faster than just doing the basic DSD pro training. But don’t take my word for it… if you haven’t done your research yet, type in ‘ds domination’ or ‘ds domination review’ or ‘Best DS Domination Team’ or anything that has ‘DS Domination’ into google and see what comes up. There are many groups out there that are providing things when you join their group. You have to find the group that fits your personality while providing great support that you deserve. I might be a little bias, but I think I have the best DS domination group 😉  Seriously… please do research and find the best team and support to help grow your online ventures no matter who or what it may be. After you do your research and you have other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]  anytime!


DS Domination Genesis Private Facebook Group: So after talking with my existing DS Domination Members, I’ve created a special DS Domination facebook group that is Closed to the public or any other NON-DS Domination Network members. I created this group because I have some amazing resources/relationships/softwares that I want to share with members that are part of my team to help grow the business faster. I’m providing weekly the top products with almost guarantee (I say almost, because I don’t want to get in trouble here) profitability. I use a exclusive software that pretty much tells me niche products that are selling like crazy on Amazon.  I also connect you with the manufacturer that I have vetted so your risk is completely reduced! If you are interested in finding out more about this program or want to join my private group after joining my team than CLICK HERE. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM ONLY Hand PICKING 5-8 members to mentor the GENESIS program in my team, therefore the private group is limited to 5-8 people. Since this is for someone looking to take the business to a new level, I’ll be sharing all my top resources and secret sauce to these hand picked individuals that qualify. If you are interested, please email me first to see if I’m still taking people in the Private group. Once I reach 5-8 people I’ll close the group to help these individual take their DSD business to the next level 🙂 Sorry that I can only limit to these small group of people for now, the Genesis program is a huge business opportunity that will take time to develop and my time is very limited on helping on a one-one training basis.


LATEST DS Domination Company Update

1. The Genesis Webinar Part Deux – July 20th 8pm EST 
This will be a Genesis-users-only webinar where we’ll walk through
EXACTLY how anyone can take over an entire market and set up
‘single product based’ income streams (pretty much on autopilot).
f you thought the last Genesis webinar was good…this one will put that
to shame! Check your backoffice and you can invite yourself to the meeting!
2. Genesis One-Click (*what did you say??* Imagine in a golem voice
from LOTR). 
Yeppers peppers. So one of the things I’ve been working on is an
easier way to identify and source the right items. Imagine this:- You enter the ASIN of a product in Sales Spy. It tells you that the
product is popular and will sell! (Yay for sales spy!)

– You enter the same ASIN is GOC (Genesis One Click – pronounced
“Jock” – don’t be a nerd about it).
– GOC calculates the FBA fees on the product, then goes to sourcing
locations and finds all items related to it, calculates the pricing options
on them, and lays out all the options for you in a nice format so you
can easily select the most profitable products at a single click. Yep,
Genesis Traditional all done in a single click 🙂
3. Shipping and Fulfillment centers! 
We’re setting up our own internal shipping and fulfillment centers so you
can source items, and then ship them in at significantly lower costs by
leveraging our bulk negotiations 🙂
Well there’s also update #s 4,5,6 and 7, but that’s all for the webinar 🙂
You already  get the idea here – Genesis will be a completely different
beast in the coming days than what it has been so far. Keeping this in
mind, the cost for Genesis will also be going up from $997 to $1499
on the 15th July, midnight PST (that means at 12:01am PST 16th,
the price will be $1499).
All Genesis members will be grandfathered into the ‘New Genesis’ even
if you purchased at the lower price, so consider this a nice, kindly, friendly
reminder that if you can, you should consider purchasing Genesis while
there’s time to lock in your $502 discount 🙂
(If the link doesn’t work, just login to your backoffice and click on
any Genesis page in navigation)
– Click on ‘Join Now’ to activate Genesis.


If you are ready to join our team and start your venture with us. Check out the some of the articles below or click on the link and come on aboard!

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    Hey Max, I just found when I was googling and I will take advantage to ask you if you could give me some help with DSD. I joined a few months ago with this guy that is never available to talk to me, and I feel kind of lost, because I have made a few hundreds drop shipping but I would like to take it to the next level because it hasn’t been nearly close to allow me to do this full time.

    You seem like a nice guy and I would appreciate some guidance on what to do.

    Should we skype or what?


    P.S. – Great post, very useful information!

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