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DS Domination Supremacy has finally arrived! However, before I address this product here at my DS Domination Network Blog, I wanted to first apologize to my Network for not writing enough blog post in the last 2 months ;(  I have been completely swamped by helping our team members in DS Domination Genesis business! But something hit me while I was helping my Genesis Network mastermind group… it finally hit me hard realizing that Time waits for NOBODY!!! I guess extra“time” isn’t given to those who ‘want’ it 🙂

Ok, so since I got that out of the way, I feel much better now and without any guilt to continue write this blog post 🙂

So what is happening in the DSD world lately you ask?  Well , looks like many things are changing and DSD is continuing to grow at a very steady rate across the globe. I like to call DSD World Domination 🙂  Since my last post, DS Domination has upgraded their DSD back office with a nice new look using the colors of the “miami hurricanes”(Orange and Green)!

Here are some other changes that have come about… DSD has now updated all their products from DSD Pro, DSD Elite, DSD Unleashed and DSD Monopoly.  Obviously, the eBay is constantly changing with new rules and new interfaces etc… So the team at DSD needed to update some of the video training that was outdated. Good news to everybody on that!!!

Another great update to the DSD product family is the DSD Insights and DSD Listings Integration. With these tools you are now able to leverage your business to a new level. You no longer need to stress if your product on ebay you’re selling had a price change on Amazon etc… This new integration will now allow you to ‘set it and forget it’ (OMG! I just sounded like that Ronco Rotisserie infomercial… if you’re young, then you have no idea what I just said) regarding your ebay listings. What does that mean? Well this new software inside your DSD back office will automatically manage the pricing changes inside the eBay platform.  For example, if your price that you thought you were going to get at Amazon was $10 and then suddenly went up to $15 without you ever knowing it( DSD members are crying right now, because you know the pain I’m talking about) the DSD system will go and Change the pricing or Cancel that listing on ebay so that you don’t sell a product thinking you are about to make money, but instead lose because of the price change..YIKES!!! So that’s great news for the DSD Team!

I think what most of you are probably wondering about right now in this blog post is what is DS Domination Supremacy all about? You might have seen some guys put up some website talking about it or some videos talking about it, but reality is that they are always selling themselves way TOO MUCH! LOL!(I’m still amazed the kind of JUNK info comes out online) I guess they’re desperate for you to join them(Don’t fall for it!!!)

Anyways… sorry for the tangent there:=) Ok… back to DSD Supremacy… As you probably know or have experience as a buyer of any product online or offline, most people get upsold or upgraded when a related product is fresh on their minds. Let’s take an example… Have you ever bought a ‘online product/software or system’ thinking it’s the greatest thing since ‘slice bread’ only to find out after the purchase you’ll need ABC or XYZ to actually get the full benefit!? Or you went and bought a electronic device and the checkout clerk ask if you need ‘Batteries’? Well this is called ‘Marketing’!!! Studies have shown that most people will buy related items when it’s fresh on their minds than any other times. So what does that mean? Let’s take that ‘online software’ you just bought, if you don’t buy that related item upgrade when you are excited about the product, I highly doubt you will buy it when you are not even thinking about since you already know that software is junk after couple of days! YIKES!( I hit a cord with some of you out there huh… Sorry… but we’re all in that same boat so don’t worry)…Ok so that is the basis of DSD Supremacy.

DSD Supremacy uses the time tested drip email marketing strategies that gurus all around the world and including the ‘universe’ teaches 😉  Yes, it is widely taught and there are numerous products teaching and products that automate this process. Take for example Aweber or GetResponse. It’s a drip email marketing platform that allows people to drip drip drip drip emails until you give in!!! ( my apologies again if you are getting my drip drip drip emails)

{Ok Max! you have completely confused me even more about this DSD Supremacy!} SORRY! Let me break it down even more 🙂

So! Essentially this is how it works… You sell a product on Ebay to a customer (lead) however… you might actually be excited about that $$8 profit you just made, but what you fail to realize is that you now have a trusted buyer that would buy something else from you now or in the future if the right product was presented(“HOLY COW Max! You mean I could make more than $8 profit!?”). How do you do this without a system?  Well that is where DS Domination Supremacy comes in. It is the DS domination email marketing system that is now going to be integrated into your ebay selling machine! So every time you sell something on ebay, the system will automatically follow up with products, promotions or anything you want to sell to that lead/customer immediately and in the future to make more sells. What does that mean? Well… what you thought when you sold that one item now has the opportunity to sell multiple items in the future without you every thinking about it. The system will send emails with related products… It truly is a way to be a online marketer by understand buyer behaviors using this tool.  Look around you everywhere you buy something, you are bombarded with emails and ads that you might be wondering… “how in the heck did they know I wanted this item!!!”  it’s MAGIC!!! NO… it’s just marketing 😉

Before I end this blog, let me tell you about DS Domination Genesis! I’ve truly been swamped working in helping my team with the FBA(fulfill by Amazon) business that it’s been amazing! I’ve picked couple people from my DS Domination network team and started a mastermind group to share, challenge and grow the business as a team. If you ever wanted to grow your DSD business and take it to a new level, come join us and we’ll show you how we are doing it!

Ok!!! enough with this blog!I write Way too much!! Hope you are all killing it out there with your DSD business! If you read this post thus far, let me share with you a little about my group DS Domination Network. I’ve built this group to provide strong support in your Drop Shipping ventures with ebay and amazon. I believe that the best way to help my people is to provide great feedback and support in their DSD business. What does that support mean?  Well… I’ll give you my personal email address as well as my skype ID to contact me anytime you have questions. I provide resources that only our group provides like exclusive connections only found in our group.  We give a ‘quick start-up guide’ that will get your Drop Shipping business up and running faster than just doing the basic DSD pro training. But don’t take my word for it… if you haven’t done your research yet, type in ‘ds domination’ or ‘ds domination review’ or ‘Best DS Domination Team’ or anything that has ‘DS Domination’ into google and see what comes up. There are many groups out there that are providing things when you join their group. You have to find the group that fits your personality while providing great support that you deserve. I might be a little bias, but I think I have the best DS domination group 😉  Seriously… please do research and find the best team and support to help grow your online ventures no matter who or what it may be. After you do your research and you have other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]  anytime!     If you are ready to join our team and start your venture with us. Check out the some of the articles below or click on the link and come on aboard!

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